Pride Goeth Before a Fall

Pride goeth before a fall. My fall to be precise. Today as I balanced the work-from-home and care for sick child roles, I was pleased that it was going so well. Metaphorically speaking, I had my business suit on with the June Cleaver apron tied sweetly in a bow. I was rocking it. Child tucked in bed napping while I wrote a report, returned emails, etc. …no problem and the bus is due to drop off the other two children at 3:45. OH NO THE BUS COMES AT 3:45! Which I realized at 3:47.

I wheeled around from my kitchen table and looked toward the neighborhood entrance and whew, I might still make it because I don’t see a bus yet. I left the napping son and hopped in the car to race to the stop. And, there were my children walking along the sidewalk with a neighborhood mom. Now all I wore was embarrassment— my apron was tattered and my suit was wrinkled. So much for rocking it.

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