Facts of Life

Facts of Life / Part IV

As a parent I used to have in my mind certain visions of how and when particular life topics will be discussed and explained. You know, sitting down, a cup of coffee in hand and a prepared for, thoughtful, age appropriate parent-child conversation. All hearts and flowers, you know.

But, the manufacturers of feminine products don’t share that vision. Instead, they run a commercial on the cartoon channel during the late afternoon–say just about the time kids come home from school — and at the end of it, Sarah Grace turns to me and says “Mom, what’s a tampon?”

I say “We can discuss that later.” She insists. Samuel pipes up and says “I know.” I say nonchantly, internally alarmed but calm outwardly, “No, you don’t.” He whispers in my ear enough to prove he gets the general concept. Now the term need-to-know springs to my mind…..Sarah Grace is young enough to still be on a need-to-know basis on certain topics but I need to know how Samuel knows.

Oh, mercy. Parenting is an adventure.

Facts of Life / Part III

I generally drive the kids to school, unless I have an early court appearance or meeting. And, the morning rides are a great time of conversation and education. Except, that I am the one being educated far more than the kids are. I never see it coming, either.

This morning’s drive to school discussion:

Samuel: Mom, is it illegal for boys and girls to have sleepovers?
Me: No.
Noah: Well, then why can’t we have sleepovers with girls?
Me: ……general discussion about modesty, privacy, etc……
Samuel: Well, [a boy] asked Sarah Grace to have a sleep over with him.
Me: Oh, well he’s young. He’s just a friend but we don’t have boy/ girl sleepovers and he probably didn’t know that yet. [Side note: That was news to me. Hmmm.]
Sarah Grace: Well, one day you get married to a boy and then they see EVERYTHING.
Me: [silence…..I am so not awake enough for these discussions at this hour.]

Facts of Life / Part II

Watching a commercial tonight and a little girl says to her father, where do babies come from? The father in the commercial makes a face and doesn’t answer. Sarah Grace sits up and announces dismissively and authoritatively “That is SUCH an easy question! Babies come from Jesus to your stomach and then out. Really, that is so easy!” Okay, we’ll go with that for now. đŸ™‚

Facts of Life / Part 1

Joel shared some of the basic “birds and bees” with the boys this weekend. Noah’s response: “Well, that’s

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