About Law and Grace

I am an attorney married to an ordained minister.  We live in the South, and early in our dating days I told my husband I would make a terrible pastor’s wife.  He didn’t believe me.  So, I’ve been proving my point now for eighteen years.  On the other hand, he is an excellent lawyer’s husband!

We have elementary school-aged fraternal twin sons and a daughter who is twenty months and one grade younger than her brothers.  Parenting has been our greatest joy, and also our greatest worry.  A house full of children who are practically the same age is never dull, and keeps us laughing.  Mostly.

Our family is a blend of law and grace, literally, in our professional lives.  But, also, metaphorically.  Over the years, we have realized that you can not have the law without a measure of grace, whether secularly or spiritually.  One can not exist without the other.  For if you don’t have the law, you don’t need grace.  And if you don’t need grace, then you don’t have the law.  And, in our house, you can’t have Suzanne without Joel.

Join us for a humorous look at our lives as we juggle family, faith and fun.


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