The Devil is in the Details

This past Sunday was our first Sunday in our new church. In preparation for all the “new”…new people, new city, new denomination, new order of service, new architecture, and so on….I had been talking with the kids and covering the bases, or so I thought. So, with our best clothes and best behavior we walked up the front steps and into the sanctuary. The sanctuary’s colors are a beautiful and tasteful red and gold.

The meet and greet with the children and myself went well. The congregation was warm and welcoming. We walked to the front of the sanctuary and sat on the second row. The service began. We were just a touch on display, both literally and figuratively.

And, just when I thought to myself (perhaps a bit pridefully) that none of the children had said or done anything embarrassing, Samuel leaned over to me and in a loud whisper said: “Why are the hymnals red?” (And, they are red….tomato red. Not burgundy, maroon, or wine colored. Bright red.)

Me (leaning over doing the talking-without-moving-lips thing and the serious eyes / eyebrows while trying to maintain a composed face thing): “Shhhhhh.!! I don’t know. Why?”

Samuel: “I don’t like the red. Red is the color of the Devil!”

So much for first impressions….ours or theirs.

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